August 25th Great Plains Tractor Pullers went to Madison, SD to Prairie Village for our final pull of the year, to do our Championship pull. The feature tractor for 2017 was the Allis Chalmers. So to start out the pull we started with the 7500 Open Farm class with a feature tractor, the AC 210(Orange Frustration) owner, operator Marv Huisman. There were 8 tractors in the class and the Orange Frustration held the other 7 tractors off to take 1st place with a pull of 284′.59″. Great job Marv CONGRATS!!! Than we went on to the 7500 Stock Farm and than on to our 4 pickup classes, with Terry VanBeek taking 1st place in the Pro Modified 2wd Pickup class. And than the storm hit!!! We were able to cover the track and get everyone to safety, when it hit 50 to 60 mph winds and heavy rain!!! We were unable to reschedule the pull so our season ended with only 6 classes being pulled. A sad way to end the championship night but as long as everyone was able to get home safe that is the IMPORTANT thing.
I would like to thank all of the promotors and workers for the towns for the year, we had old towns and new towns this year with a good turn out to each pull.
I would also like to put out a HUGE THANK YOU to the sled operators and owners for the distance they put in and hard work to help Great Plains put on the great shows that we did this year!!! Thank you Ed Walker, Donnie Bungart, Greg Lussetto and Jay Uhlenhake.

I also want to thank our flaggers Mike and Nick. I would like to thank Sharon, Lindsey, Chad and anybody else that helped flag and lineup this year!
And last but not least I want to THANK Samantha and Junior my 2 side kicks who helped me a lot this year, I couldn’t have done it with out you!!! Thanks for the laughter!!
It was a great SEASON with a few bumps in the track!!!!! LOL!!!!

Thank you everyone!!!! Sandi