Well this week was a busy one, with 3 pulls. First we were in Viborg, SD on Thursday, with a good turnout even though it was a very hot day. A thank you to the Viborg Fire Dept for helping put on a good show.

Second show we were back up in Canby MN on Friday, with another hot day!! We had a good turnout with a little help from THE UNITED PULLERS OF MN, we had 5 pullers from that association. THANKS!! And a thank you to the REGNIER family and helpers for having a great track! And for feeding all the pullers and their family and workers!!

I would like to welcome all our new members that we have this year!!!

Third pull to finish out the weekend we went to Sioux Center, IA. We haven’t been in Sioux Center for a few years. We had a good turnout of tractors, pickups and semis. All of the proceeds from the semis pulling went to the June E Nylen Cancer Center, commercial Chaos!! We had 13 Hooks from the semis. A thank you to Tyler and Leon Franken and their crew for a great track, after having 2 inches of rain Thursday.

Our next pull is Thursday, July 19th in Rock Rapids at the fairgrounds. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!