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Welcome to the Offical Homepage for the Great Plains Tractor Pullers.

The Great Plains Tractor Pullers include pullers from throughout the Plains area. Take a look around and find out how you can become a member, spectator, or just a fan!

CERTIFICATION AND POINTS SYSTEM Members will be required to be certified in order to accumulate points for the season. Certified members may accumulate points throughout the pulling season. All points are given on a per class basis. Class champions will be awarded, others will be recognized at the end of the season.

Points: 1st place – 8 points, 2nd place – 7 points, 3rd place – 6 points, 4th place – 5 points, 5th place – 4 points, 6th place – 3 points, and 2 points per hook. NO points if disqualified.

NON members can participate in 2 events before being required to become members.
Dues: Annual Membership Dues: $ 100.00
Preregistration by 8pm on the day prior to the event for MEMBERS

non members need to be registered 1/2 hour prior to pulling event

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